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According to Greek legend, Damocles, a friend of King Dionysius of Syracuse, envied the ruler’s great wealth and power. When Damocles told the king how fortunate he was, Dionysius offered to change places for a day. As Damocles dined at the head of the table, he happened to look up. There above his head, held by only a single horsehair, hung a sharp sword pointing downward toward his chair. Frozen with fear that the thread would break, he pointed out the predicament to the king. Dionysius nodded, acknowledging that the sword was a constant factor in his life, an actual and a metaphoric reminder that some person or circumstance might at any time cut the thread. Such risk, the king added, comes as an integral part of power.

Just like that horsehair thread can cause pain or destroy me, a different kind of thread has the ability to support and save me.  These threads are the ones that connect me to others. They connect me to people ranging from those who love me to strangers who expect nothing in return.  Through these connections I am able to keep moving forward regardless of what metaphor that hanging sword represents:  Death, illness, loss, my own dark side or any other unhelpful parts of myself that lurk in my psyche.

Before these threads that connect me to others becomes available to me, another thread must be in place, the connection to myself.  This is currently where I struggle the most and must constantly remind myself that it exists and must be a priority.  I find it very easy to lose this connection when outside demands such as other people, work or just activities distract me from the challenging work of learning how to connect with myself and take care of myself.

As I come to understand it I will also speak to the idea of power and how those connections help me realize my own power.

This is what this blog is about.  Getting to know the swords hanging by a thread and learning how to use the threads of connections to myself and others that support the kind of life I want to create.

I acknowledge that my reason for creating this blog is because I am a novice at understanding my swords, have few skills at staying connected to myself and very little experience developing those threads of connection to others.  In fact I’m not certain that they can even exist for me right now given my challenges making connections to myself and taking care of myself.

My posts will reflect my current challenges and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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