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At some point in our lives we all find ourselves in need, at the end of our rope, literally hanging "by a thread". And at any given time there are two types of people: those who need help and those who can help. 

GIVE the shirt ON your back

By-A-Thread invites you to "GIVE the shirt ON your back" to help those in need. Proceeds from each purchase go to support organizations who provide critical support to those in need. You can choose to give to one of our select not-for-profit organizations or support the cause that is close to your heart. By-A-Thread designs remind us that there is a common thread in the fabric of our lives---the ability to give of ourselves to others. 

By purchasing and wearing By-A-Thread designs, YOU are that common thread

We have already begun sewing a common thread from our lives to the lives of those in need.  We raised money for the occupants of a boarding house that was destroyed by a fire.  By-A-Thread was also represented by volunteers working with orphanages and schools in Haiti (as seen in pictures). 

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